2017 SIR Annual Meeting

March 4-9, 2017

Washington, DC

Max Credits: 293.75

Credit available 3/4/2017 - 3/4/2020

Session Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
Mea Culpa: Worst Disasters of My Career 1.5
How to Survive a Joint Commission Survey 2
Aorto-Iliac Occlusive Disease 2
Trans-Radial Access: The Basics 2
Emerging Concepts in Radioembolization for HCC 2
The Basics of Portal HTN: Pathogenesis and Management 2
Navigation, Fusion, and Other Emerging IO Concepts 2
Endovascular Management of Visceral Aneurysms 2
MACRA and Beyond: How are We Going to Get Paid? 2
Innovations That Are Changing Medicine (and guess what....they aren't devices!) 2
Best of GEST: Embolization Vanguard 2
MSK (Spine) Intervention/Augmentation 2
Women's Health: Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) and Other Interventions 1.5
Legal Issues in IR: Real Life Cases 1.5
Anesthesia/Sedation: Case-based Approach to Pain Control 1.5
Emergent Intervention for Iatrogenic Injuries 1.5
Aortoiliac Intervention 1.5
IO Consensus: How to Perform Intra-arterial Therapies 1.5
Current Status of Stroke: A 2017 Update 1.5
Vascular Malformations: How I do it 1.5
Venous Thrombolysis: Peripheral, Mesenteric and Pulmonary 1.5
Basic IO Embolization I: Patient Selection and Triage 1.5
Lung Ablation: The Basics to the Advanced 1.5
Lymphatic Imaging and Intervention: Adults and Kids 1.5
Complex Pancreatico-hepatobiliary Interventions 1.5
Hemodialysis Access: Complex Intervention 1.5
Portal Hypertension I: Advanced TIPS 1.5
IVC Filter Seminar 1.5
Management of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Current Approaches and Opportunities for Progress 1.5
SIR Meets American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 1
Pulmonary Embolism Intervention Primer 2
Tumor Ablation: Choosing a Device 2
Liver Tumor Board 2
PAD: Devices 2
Comprehensive Approach to Biliary Intervention 2
Venous Access: Basic and Creative Solutions 2
Managing Acute and Chronic Deep Vein Thrombosis 2
Best of WCIO: Molecular IO 2
Emerging IR Therapies 2
Performance Measurements in IR: A Look Toward the Future 2
Endovascular Office-based Procedures 1.5
Pediatrics I: Hepatic Shunts, Portal Hypertension and Transplant Intervention 1.5
Radiation Protection for Patients and Staff 1.5
Urologic Interventions: Techniques and Tricks 1.5
Musculoskeletal Intervention: Basic Procedures the IR Should Know 1.5
Venous Ablation: Best Practice and Evolving Techniques 1.5
Anti-coagulation Update for the IR Team 1.5
Complex Aortic Intervention: Aneurysms and Dissection 1.5
Liquid Embolics 1.5
Basic IO Embolization II: Angiography and Anatomy 1.5
Renal Ablation: The Basics to the Advanced 1.5
Portal Hypertension II: How to do a Balloon-occluded Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration (BRTO)--Basic to Complex 1.5
Treating Chronic Venous Occlusive Disease 1.5
PAD: Management of Chronic Total Occlusions 1.5
Sedation in the IR Suite: SIR meets ARIN 1.5
Critical Limb Ischemia 1.5
IR meets GU: Advances in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH); Varicocele and Small Renal Tumors: From the Operating Room and Fluoro suite 1
Personal Wellness for the Interventionalist 2
mCRC: Integrating IO into the Treatment Paradigm 2
Critical Care Management of the ICU Patient in the Angio Suite 2
EVAR Essentials 2
Anesthesia in Interventional Radiology 2
Private Practice Summit 2
MSK (non-spine) Interventions 2
IR/DR: Developing our Future Leaders 2
Best of ISET: PAD 2
IR Engineering: Device Development 2
How to Use Cone Beam CT in Your Practice 1.5
Emergent 'Trauma' Intervention 1.5
Endoleaks 1.5
Enteral Nutrition: Percutaneous Approaches 1.5
Wound Care 1.5
Creating and Maintaining Dialysis Access 1.5
SIR meets NIH 1.5
Basic IO Embolization III: Embolic Selection 1.5
Basic Liver Ablation: Patient and Device Selection 1.5
Gonadal Intervention in Men and Women 1.5
Splenic and Transsplenic Interventions 1.5
Difficult Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter Retrieval 1.5
Mesenteric Intervention: Occlusive Disease and Aneurysms 1.5
Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA) Intervention 1.5
Neurovascular Devices & Techniques in Peripheral Interventions 1.5
The ABCs of PAD in the SFA 1.5
Comparative and Effectiveness Update: How does IR Compare to other Treatments? 1.5
SIR Meets Venous Forum (AVF) 1
Portal HTN: Complex TIPs and BRTO 2
LEARN: Drug-Eluting/Anti-proliferative Technologies 2
Immunology in IO: What We Need to Know 2
What the Adult IR Needs to Know About Treating Children 2
Imaging Biomarkers in HCC Management: Diagnosis, Staging and Tumor Response Assessment 2
Interventions that Promote Womens' Health 2
Retirement Planning 2
Biopsy in the Era of Precision Medicine 2
IR Approach to Pain Palliation 2
Maximize your Profit: Coding and Billing Tips 2
Splenic Reduction: When and How 1.5
Palliative Interventions: Non-MSK 1.5
GI Bleeding: Diagnosis to Intervention 1.5
How to Safely Treat Bariatric Patients 1.5
Physical Exam and Noninvasive Testing 1.5
Prostate Embolization: 2017 Update 1.5
Staying Safe in the IR suite: Radiation and Occupation Exposures 1.5
Advanced Liver Ablation 1.5
Advanced Concepts in Chemoembolization 1.5
Venous Sampling: Tips and Tricks 1.5
PE Intervention: When and How 1.5
Complex Venous Access 1.5
Infrapopliteal Arterial Intervention 1.5
Advanced Concepts in Radioembolization 1.5
Vascular Malformations: A Practical Approach 1.5
MRI Prostate Imaging and Intervention 1.5
SIR Meets Podiatry 1
Career Development: Part I 1.5
Career Development: Part II 1.5
Diversity and Inclusion: Part I 1.5
Diversity and Inclusion: Part II 1.5
Global IR: Part I 1.5
Building a Successful IR Practice 2
Practical Approach to CO2 in the IR Suite 1.5
Pediatrics I 1.5
Basic Science: Cellular and Embolic Therapies 1.5
Imaging 1.5
IO: Eclectic 1.5
Education and Safety 1.5
Nonvascular: Spine and Musculoskeletal 1.5
Portal Hypertension I 1.5
Arterial Embolization: GIB 1.5
IO: Renal Ablation 1.5
Arterial: PAD 1.5
Arterial Embolization: UFE 1.5
Vascular Malformations 1.5
Nonvascular: Biliary and Pulmonary 1.5
Basic Science: HCC 1.5
Dialysis 1.5
Arterial Embolization: Celiac 1.5
IO: Biopsy 1.5
IO: Radioembolization I 1.5
IO: TACE I 1.5
IO: Ablation 1.5
Venous: IVC 1.5
Pediatrics II 1.5
Transplant Interventions 1.5
Nonvascular: Gastrointestinal 1.5
Basic Science: Ablation 1.5
Practice Management 1.5
Thromboembolic Disease and Lysis 1.5
Arterial Embolization: PAE 1.5
IO: Radioembolization II 1.5
Arterial Access 1.5
Lymphatic 1.5
Venous Access and Sampling 1.5
Nonvascular: Genitourinary 1.5
Basic Science: Vascular 1.5
Arterial Embolization: Pelvic 1.5
Healthcare Policy 1.5
IO: Radioembolization III 1.5
Portal Hypertension II 1.5
Early Career Section/Young Faculty Development 2
Biopsy: When, Why, Where, How and How Often 1.5
IT in IR: Lessons Learned and Future Directions 2
Arterial Thrombolysis: The Latest Techniques and Devices 1.5
Arterial: Aneurysm and Dissection 1.5
Opening Plenary - Gold Medal Awards & 33rd Dotter Lecture 1.5
Deep Vein Thrombosis - Putting Patients First 1.5
JVIR & SIR Foundation Awards / Film Panel 1.5
Abstracts of the Year & the healthcare landscape viewed from the top of the hill 1.5
IR Economics, Quality and Value: Are You Ready for MACRA? 1.75
SIR: The Stroke Course 4.25
IR Domain: The Essentials 4
My Best Tips & Tricks for IR Clinical Practice for Clinical Associates 1.5
Ultrasound Guided Procedures 1.5
IR Economics: Concurrent Session: 'Finance 101' Continuous Process Improvement for IR Financial Operations 1
IR Economics: Concurrent Session: Coding in IR: CPT, E&M, telehealth and documentation 1
IR Economics: Concurrent Session: Be at the table: What hospitals want from Interventional Radiology 1