2019 SIR Annual Meeting

March 23-28, 2019

Austin, TX

Max Credits: 274

Credit available 3/23/2019 - 3/28/2022

Session Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
Opening Plenary - 2019 Gold Medal Awards & Dotter Lecture 1.5
Called up to the Major Leagues' & SIR Foundation Awards 1.5
Closing Plenary: SIRxSW & Abstract(s) of the Year 1.5
Career Symposium: What every medical student, IR resident and IR fellow should know 1.5
IR Domain 4.5
SIR: The Stroke Course - Part 1 3
SIR: The Stroke Course - Part 2 3
IR & Positive Disruption: The potential impact of high-tech image guided intervention on Global Health 1.5
Controversies in PAD 1.5
SIR meets Venous Symposium: Current issues in Deep Venous Disease 1.5
SA-CME: Dialysis Access 1.5
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: The Future of Imaging 1.5
Best of ISET 1.5
Advanced Topics in Vascular Anomaly Intervention 1.5
Liver Tumor Board HCC/ICC 1.5
SA-CME: IVC Filters 1.5
SA-CME: Advanced TACE 1.5
Metastatic Disease 1.5
Understanding the Role of Interventional Radiology in Management of Trauma Patients: Current Perspective and Future Directions 1.5
Career Symposium: Getting your academic IR career off the ground 1.5
Career Symposium: Mid-career IR advancement and challenges (private practice) 1.5
Career Symposium: Career pivots and reinvention 1.5
Career Symposium: Wellness and Resilience 1.5
Career Symposium: Financial planning and retirement 1.5
SA-CME: Managing the Critically Ill Patient in the IR Suite 1.5
SA-CME: Vertebral Compression Fractures: Treatment Pathway Refinement for Optimal Patient Outcomes 1.5
SA-CME: IO in IO 1.5
SA-CME: Portal HTN emerging concepts 1.5
SA-CME: PAD SFA Intervention 1.5
SA-CME: Women's health overview 1.5
SA-CME: Emerging TARE: Advanced concepts and emerging directions in radioembolization 1.5
SA-CME: Tumor Ablation: Current Trends and Emerging Applications 1.5
Maximizing the Value of IR (Economics, Billing, Coding) 1.5
Controversies in IO 1.5
Basic Peds Interventions That Every Adult IR Should Know 1.5
Acute/chronic DVT 1.5
Hybrid procedures: when the IR works outside the angiography suite 1.5
Best of GEST 1.5
Current Perspectives in the Medical Device Development Process 1.5
New concepts and challenges for IR in Trauma. Can we achieve a 30 minutes response time? 1.5
Endoscopy for the Interventional Radiologist 1.5
PAE case show 1.5
SA-CME: Prostatic Artery Embolization 1.5
SA-CME: IO: intraarterial 1.5
SA-CME: PE Update and New Frontiers 1.5
SA-CME: Visceral aneurysms/occlusions 1.5
SA-CME: Diagnosis and Focal Therapy in Localized Prostate Cancer 1.5
SA-CME: Carotid Artery Interventions 1.5
SA-CME: Transradial in IR: State of the Art 1.5
SA-CME: Women's health UFE 1.5
SA-CME: Stroke neuroimaging 1.5
SA-CME: Bariatric 1.5
SA-CME: Biopsy 1.5
SA-CME: Percutaneous Endovascular AV Fistula Creation - Now FDA Approved 1.5
SA-CME: Diagnosis and Endovascular Management of Uncommon Vasculopathies 1.5
Moonshot Technologies for Next-Gen IR 1.5
Lymphatic Interventions: State of Practice 1.5
Why dIveRsity?...Real Talk from Our Patients and Our Future 1.5
Artificial intelligence and robotics in Interventional Radiology 1.5
Best of SIO: Research from the 'Top Gun' IO Labs 1.5
New Opportunities for Interventional Pain: The opioid crisis, reimbursement, and practice building 1.5
Advanced Imaging for HCC Interventions 1.5
Pelvic venous disease 1.5
Veterinary IR and Animal Models for Human IR 1.5
All Bleeding Stops . . . Eventually: Controversies in the Management of Bleeding 1.5
Simulation in IR - March Madness Tournament 1.5
IR originated from Japan 1.5
Start-up Nation: Israeli Innovations in Interventional Radiology 1.5
Controversies from down under 1.5
I'm Getting Sued. Now What? 1.5
PAD devices 1.5
Pediatric M&M: Highlights from three major academic centers 1.5
Venous access 1.5
Interventional Radiology in the VA Health Care System 1.5
Biliary Interventions 1.5
Pathophysiology of Dysautonomia and Opportunities for Research & Therapeutic Interventions 1.5
Machine Learning in Interventional Oncology 1.5
Recanalization of central venous occlusions: when failure is not an option 1.5
Portal Hypertension: Complex 1.5
Internet Marketing Boot Camp: Website, Google, Social Media 1.5
Renal denervation coming back 1.5
Basic Embolization I (Angiography and Anatomy) 1.5
Basic MSK - Therapies That Should be in your Practice 1.5
Challenging Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter Retrieval 1.5
Complex Hemodialysis Access Intervention 1.5
Cone Beam CT 1.5
Liquid Embolics-Superglue and Lava 1.5
Liver Ablation (Patient and Device Selection) 1.5
Physical Examination and Noninvasive Testing 1.5
Problematic Fluid Collection 1.5
Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy- Arterial and Venous 1.5
Vascular Malformations (VMs): How I do it 1.5
Advanced TARE 1.5
ABCs of Basic Aortic Disease: Basic to CTO 1.5
Chronic Venous occlusions 1.5
CO2 - When Passing Gas Is Indicated 1.5
Enteral and urologic Interventions 1.5
GRIBOI-Advances in spine and skeletal augmentation science and procedures 1.5
Office Based Procedures: What to Try and What to Avoid 1.5
Thermal Ablation of Renal Cell Carcinoma-Case Based Workshop 1.5
Femoropopliteal Interventions 1.5
Trauma Embolotherapy-How to Stop Exsanguination 1.5
Ablation: M&M 1.5
Complex Aortic interventions 1.5
GI Bleeding: Diagnosis and Intervention 1.5
Iatrogenic Hemorrhage 1.5
Below Knee Intervention Bootcamp 1.5
Lymphatic Imaging and Embolization 1.5
Neuro devices with peripheral applications 1.5
PE cases to make you think 1.5
Portal Hypertension II: How to Perform (and Pronounce) BRTO 1.5
Splenic Reduction and Access: Respect But Do Not Fear the Spleen 1.5
Complex Venous Access 1.5
Legal Issues in IR: Real Life Cases 1.5
Lung Ablation: Patient and Device Selection 1.5
Interesting Pelvic Venous cases and problems 1.5
Advanced Practice Providers in an IR Practice: Scope, Billing, Controversies 1.5
Pressure Driven catheters 1.5
Spleen: The New Frontier 1.5
Women's Health: Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) and Beyond 1.5
Wound Care Principles and Management for Interventionalists 1.5
Career Symposium: Getting your private practice IR career off the ground 1.5
SA-CME: Thrombotic and Bleeding risks for the IR Team 1.5
Career Symposium: Mid-career IR advancement and challenges (academic practice) 1.5
Bring back the flow 1.5
Finish the race 1.5
Not your run of the mill embolization 1.5
Step up your game (Quality) 1.5
You've got to be Kid-ing me (Pediatric IR) 1.5
Show me the money (practice economics) 1.5
Use and perfuse (arterial interventions) 1.5
Hepatic traffic (portal hypertension and flow) 1.5
Icy hot kidney 1.5
I tried in Vein (venous Interventions) 1.5
Chemoembolization Liver 1.5
When Dosi gives you a plan (Y-90 dosimetry) 1.5
Below the belt Genitourinary (PAE) 1.5
#FibroidFix 1.5
Fantastic spreadsheets (practice management) 1.5
Clot Busters (DVT PE) 1.5
All in the head (neuro-interventions) 1.5
Tips for Tips 1.5
PATE anyone (liver ablation) 1.5
IVC Filters 1.5
I got your back (spinal interventions) 1.5
Hepatocellular carcinoma TACE 1.5
Nothing Basic About It (Basic science oncology) 1.5
Y90 is the new 20 (Radioembolization) 1.5
Scary Mesentary (G-I bleeding pseudoneurysms) 1.5
Something New Something Blue (Transplant and splenic interventions) 1.5
All About the Benjamins (Practice economics/healthcare) 1.5
Cirrhosis Central 1.5
Feel the Burn (Ablation) 1.5
Forget the X-Rays (Imaging) 1.5
You're So Hip (MSK) 1.5
Gastrointestinal Interventions 1.5
IO IO, it's off to work we go 1.5
Y90 Y Not? (Radioembolization II) 1.5
Staying Alive (Visceral bleeding) 1.5
Boot Camp (Education training) 1.5
Get Access 1.5
All Kinds of Thermal 1.5
Needle in a Haystack (Biopsies) 1.5
The Lab 1.5
Other Non Vascular Interventions 1.5
Need some inspiration 1.5
Follow Your Gut (Abdominal interventions) 1.5
Back to the Science 1.5
Y-DeLiver (Radioembolization III) 1.5
Cosmetic IR: Incorporating Cosmetics into Your IR Practice 1.5
SA-CME: Superficial Venous Ablation and Other Considerations 1.5
Med Student Program - Saturday 4
Regional Anesthesia for IR Procedure 1.5
Simposio EAU (embolizacian de la arteria uterina) / The UAE Symposium 1.5