2014 Annual Scientific Meeting

March 22-27, 2014

San Diego, CA

Max Credits: 187

Credit available 3/22/2014 - 3/22/2017

Session Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
Endoleak and EVAR Complications 1.5
Fellows-in-Training Session 2
Repositioning IR Through Collaboration and Courage & 30th Annual Dr. Charles T. Dotter Lecture 2
The Next Big Thing in IR & JVIR/Foundation Awards 2
IR Debates: Controversies and Opportunities 2
Case-Based Review: Mesenteric and Renal Stenting 1.5
Women's Health 1.5
Portal Hypertension/BRTO 1.5
In-The-Trenches: Growing My Practice (What I Want To Do) 1.5
Hemodialysis Interventions 1.5
Arterial Endografts 1.5
Liver Tumor Board 1.5
In-The-Trenches: Working With My Partners (Navigating the IR-DR Relationship) 1.5
Stroke Management 1.5
Case-Based Review: Palliative Care 1.5
Quality Measures in the US and Abroad 1.5
Extreme IR (Redux) 1.5
Venous Thromboembolic Disease 2
Case-Based Review: Biopsy in Personalized Medicine 1.5
SIR Business & Finance Program 2
Growing an IR Practice 1.5
Oncology I: Introduction to Y90 1.5
PAD VIII: Arterial Access Tips and Tricks: Difficult Puncture, Complication and Management 1.5
Biopsy and Drainage Case Show 1.5
Gastrointestinal IR: Techniques & Tips 1.5
PAD I: Aortoiliac Interventions 1.5
Radiation Safety: Protect You and the Patient 1.5
Oncology VIII: Cone Beam CT in IR 1.5
Embolization XI: Prostate and Bladder Embolization 1.5
Embolization IV: Bronchial Artery Embolization Case Show 1.5
Interventional Techniques for Dialysis Access 1.5
Neurointerventions I: Spine Interventions 1.5
Pancreatico-hepatobiliary Interventions 1.5
Oncology X: TACE Case Show 1.5
Pain Management 1.5
PAD II: SFA Interventions 1.5
Embolization IX: Splenic Reduction: When and How 1.5
MOC 1.5
Oncology III: Introduction to Tumor Ablation 1.5
Social Media Skills Workshop 2
Patient Care I: Pre- and Post-Procedure Evaluation 1.5
Women's Health: Current Status & Controversies in UFE 1.5
Neurointerventions II: Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) 1.5
Oncology II: Advanced Y90 1.5
Embolization I: Vascular Anomalies 1.5
Getting Started in IR Research 1.5
Improving Quality and Safety in IR 1.5
PAD III: Infrapopliteal Interventions 1.5
Potpourri of Pearls 1.5
PAD XIII: Renal Denervation: Basic Technique and Expectations 1.5
Oncology IV: Advanced Tumor Ablation 1.5
Vein Clinic: Advanced Case Show 1.5
IR/DR Primary Certificate 1.5
Embolization VII: Peripheral AVM Case Show 1.5
Pediatric Series: A Practical Case Based Approach 1.5
Venous Thromboembolic Disease I: Acute DVT and PE 1.5
Oncology V:Portal Vein Embolization 1.5
IR Management of Portal Hypertension (BRTO) 2
Pediatric Series: Vascular Procedures 1.5
Nonvascular Urology Interventions 1.5
Venous Thromboembolic Disease II: Chronic Venous Occlusions 1.5
Practice Development II: Treatment of Migraine and other Facial Pain Syndromes 1.5
Embolization II: Fundamentals 1.5
Patient Care II: Antiplatelets, Antihypertensives, Anticoagulants, and Glycemic Control in the IR Suite 1.5
Practice Development III: Legal Issues in IR 1.5
PAD IV: Renovascular and Mesenteric Artery Interventions 1.5
Neurointerventions III: Stroke Management 1.5
IR Economics: Navigating the Affordable Healthcare Act 1.5
GI Bleeding Case Show 1.5
Embolization VIII: Prostate Embolization Case Show 1.5
IR Management of Portal Hypertension (TIPS) 1.5
PAD VII: SFA Case Show 1.5
Oncology VI: Basic TACE 1.5
PAD X: Below The Knee Case Show 1.5
Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa: Overcoming Complications in IR 1.5
Neurointerventions IV: Carotid Interventions 1.5
Oncology VII: Complex TACE 1.5
Embolization III: Trauma 1.5
Lymphatic Imaging and Interventions 1.5
PAD VI: Carotid/Subclavian Stenting Case Show 1.5
Practice Development I: Freestanding IR Practice 1.5
Vertebroplasty Case Show 1.5
Angiography, Biopsy, and Drainage: The ABDs of Interventional Radiology 1.5
Pelvic Congestion & Varicoceles 1.5
Oncology XI: Tumor Ablation Case Show 1.5
PAD V: Acute Arterial Thromboembolic Disease 1.5
Embolization X: Visceral Aneurysms: IR Management 1.5
Adrenal Vein Sampling 1.5
How I Do It Symposium: Venous, Interventional Oncology and Embolization 4
Imaging, Biopsy and Treatment of Prostate Cancer in IR 1.5
Perivascular Denervation: Present Achievements and Future Directions in Transvacular Neuromodulation 2
Pharmacology Series Pt.1 1.5
Pharmacology Series Pt. 2 1.5
Arterial Aneurysms and Dissection 1.5
Venous Disease 1.5
Hemodialysis Access 1.5
Tace I 2
Interventional Oncology Basic Science 1.5
Tissue Ablation I 1.5
Abdominal Non-Vascular Interventions I 1.5
Tace II 1.5
Biliary Interventions 1.5
Venous Malformations 1.5
Arterial Embolization 1.5
Practice Management/Quality and Policy I 1.5
Venous Sampling and Venous Access 1.5
Tace III 1.5
Tissue Ablation II 2
Portal and Transplant Interventions I 1.5
IVC Filters 1.5
Radioembolization II 1.5
Arterial Occlusive Disease 1.5
Lung Non-Vascular Interventions 2
Radioembolization I 1.5
Musculoskeletal Interventions 1.5
Tace IV 1.5
Portal and Transplant Interventions II 1.5
Abdominal Non-Vascular Interventions II 1.5
Pediatric Interventions 1.5