2015 Annual Scientific Meeting

February 28 - March 5, 2015

Atlanta, GA

Max Credits: 240.25

Credit available 3/19/2015 - 3/19/2018

Session Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
Oncology Lung: Lung Ablation Boot Camp 1
Non-invasive vascular lab and imaging: Build a practice and help to build your IR PV practice 1
InspIRing Interventions 1
Enteric Interventions 1
Research and New Horizons in Venous Disease 1
Trauma: A Global Perspective 1.5
Complex Aortic Intervention 1.5
Venous Occlusive Disease 1.5
What's New in Dialysis Access Creation and Maintenance? 1.5
SAM: Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) 1.5
The Future of IGI: The Case for Competencies-Based Education and Training 1.5
ABC's in PAD: Mechanisms, Restenosis & Materials 1.5
SAM: Pain Management 1.5
Prostate Embolization: In-the-classroom 1.5
Research and New Horizons in Oncology 1
Vascular Conference 1
Embolization MasterClass Live: Revisit Classics and Tastes of the New 1
IR Disasters: Lessons Learned 1
Musculoskeletal (MSK) Interventions 1
Women's Interventions (No UFE) 1.5
Femoral Popliteal Occlusive Disease 1.5
ABC's in Oncology: Terminology, Biology and Agents: How to be a STAR at Tumor Board: Know your Staging, Treatment Algorithms, and Research 1.5
SAM: IVC Filters and PE Interventions 1.5
IR and Hospital Administration 1.5
Neonatal Interventions: Tips and Tricks 1.5
Colorectal Carcinoma: A 360 degree perspective 1.5
SAM: Image-guided Biopsies: Hot Topics 1.5
GI Bleeding 1.5
Renal Denervation: New positive evidence and future developments 1
Research and New Horizons in Embolization 1
Endoleaks: Possible Solutions for Unsolved Problems 1
Liver Tumor Board 1
Strategies for Practice Development 1
IR Economics: Delivering World Class Care in the New System 1.5
Interventions in Organ Transplants 1.5
Women's Health: Uterine Embolization: Fibroids, Adenomyosis and Pregnancy-related Hemorrhage 1.5
SAM: Below the Knee Intervention: State of the art 1.5
IO Fast Forward: New Techniques and Treatment Modalities 1.5
ABC's in Embolization: Materials 1.5
Interventions in Subclavian/Carotid Arteries and Stroke 1.5
Current State of Biliary Interventions 1.5
SAM: Portal Hypertension: State of the art 1.5
Management of Small Renal Tumors: Current Practice and Expert Review of Unresolved Issues 1
Research and New Horizons PAD: New emerging technologies for treatment of PAD: What is next? 1
SIR Meets SCAI & SVS: Multidisciplinary Approaches to PAD and Pulmonary Embolus 1.5
Arteriovenous Malformations: How I do it 1.5
SAM: Venous Insufficiency 1.5
Quality, IR, and Economics: The Role of Interventional Radiology 1.5
Imaging: Update and New Development 1.5
Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease 1.5
SAM: Complex Visceral Aneurysms 1.5
Biopsy and Drainage Technique 1
Embolization VI: Liquid Embolics (glue/onyx/sclero) 1
Biopsy and Drainage: Imaging and Case Planning 1.5
Building your Referral Base: The Academic and Private Practice Models 1
Clinical and Practice Research: How and Why 1
Embolization II: Fundamentals 1
Embolization III: Trauma 1
Embolization V: Splenic Reduction: When and How 1
Embolization X: Visceral Aneurysms 1
Office Based Endovascular Procedures: Empowering your IR Practice 1
HD Clinic: Understand Case Selection: Indications for Intervention and Expected Outcomes 1
Imaging, Biopsy and Treatment of Prostate Cancer in IR 1.5
Improving Quality and Safety in IR: Building a Foundation for an Effective Quality Program 1
Your First IR Interview; Be Prepared 1
IR Economics: Navigating the Affordable Healthcare Act and ACO's 1
IR/DR Primary Certificate: Developing a Curriculum 1
Legal Issues in IR 1
Management Skills: Leading your IR Practice or Radiology Group 1
Neurointerventions II: Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) 1.5
Neurointerventions III: Stroke Management 1.5
Neurointerventions IV: Carotid Interventions 1
Oncology II: Advanced Y90 1
Oncology III: Introduction to Liver Ablation 1
Oncology VIII: Liver Tumor Imaging 1
Oncology X: Liver Embolization: Patient Selection and Outcome Assessment 1
PAD X: Antiplatelets, Antihypertensives, Anticoagulants, and Glycemic Control in the IR Suite 1
Pain Management 1.5
PE Consult: Assessment and Management Decisions 1
Pediatric Toolkit: Procedures you should know 1
Percutaneous Nephrostomy Consult: Case selection, planning, and follow-up 1.5
Portal I: Portal Hypertension Clinic: Case selection, TIPS versus BRTO, and Follow-up 1
A Case-Based Review 1.5
Procedural Sedation 1
RCC Clinic: Ablation, Embolization and Other Therapies 1
Retirement planning specific for IR's 1
Exploring Social Media in IR 1
Steps to MOC 1
Translational Research Methods 1
Treatment of Migraine and other Facial Pain Syndromes 1
Vein Clinic: Clinical Correlation of Ultrasound and Treatment Planning 1
What every IR should know about critical care 1
Women's health clinic: How to do a fibroid consult and alternative therapy considerations 1
Adrenal Venous Sampling 1.5
Aneurysm I: CTA for Aneurysmal Disease 1.5
Aneurysm II: Chronic dissection endograft, snorkels, fenestration and complex thoraco-abdominal aneurysms 1.5
Aneurysm IV: Endograft Planning (TAA and AAA) 1.5
Chronic Venous Occlusions--Techniques through case examples 1.5
Complex Pancreatico-hepatobiliary Interventions 1.5
Embolization IV: Bronchial Artery Embolization Case Show 1.5
Embolization IX: Prostate Embolization Case Show 1.5
Embolization VIII: Vascular Malformation 1
Embolization XI: GI Bleeding Cases 1.5
Engineering in IR 1.5
G-tubes, J-tubes and other GI interventions 1.5
HD Access Intervention 1.5
How to be a manuscript reviewer 1.5
Joint Injections: Techniques and Potential Pitfalls 1.5
Neurointerventions I: Spine Interventions 1.5
Oncology IV: Advanced Tumor Ablation 1.5
Oncology V: Basic TACE 1.5
Oncology VI: Complex TACE 1.5
Overcoming Complications in IR 1.5
PAD I: Aortoiliac Interventions 1.5
PAD II: SFA Interventions 1.5
PAD III: SFA Advanced Interventions 1.5
PAD IV: Infrapopliteal Interventions 1.5
PAD IX:Renovascular and Mesenteric Artery Interventions 1
PAD V: Acute Arterial Thromboembolic Disease 1
PAD VI: Proximal Arch Vessel Interventions 1.5
PAD XI: Advanced Infrapopliteal Cases 1
Pediatric Vascular Procedures 1.5
Gonadal Vein Insufficiency in Men and Women 1.5
Portal II: How to do a TIPS 1.5
Portal III: How to do a BRTO 1
Portal IV: Management of Chronic Portal Vein Thrombosis Using Transjugular, transhepatic and trans-splenic approaches 1
Portal VI: Transplant Portal and Venous Interventions 1
Portal VII: PVE 1.5
UFE Technique and Periprocedure Management: Controversies and Opinion 1.5
Urologic Interventions: Techniques and Tricks 1.5
Venous Ablation: Principles, Technique and Outcome 1
Innovation, Macroeconomics, and the Future of Minimally Invasive Therapies 2
Film Panel 2
Oncology I: Introduction to Y90 1.5
The IR Domain: A Case-Based Review 3.5
Renovascular and Mesenteric Occlusive Disease 1
ICD-10: What IRs & Coders Need to Know 1
Emerging Concepts 1
Dialysis I 1
Chemoembolization: Basic Science 1
MSK/Spine I 1.5
Arterial Visceral Intervention 1.5
Hepatocellular Carcinoma 1.5
Pediatric Non-Vascular 1.5
Non-Vascular Interventions I 1.5
Pediatric Vascular Interventions 1
Non-Vascular Interventions II 1
Dialysis II 1
Practice Management/Quality & Policy I 1
Arterial Interventions 1.5
Imaging: Tumor Response 1.5
IVC Filters 1.5
Chemoembolization: Clinical 1.5
Practice Management/Quality & Policy II 1
Bead Science 1
Portal Hypertension 1
Chest Interventions 1
Radioembolization I 1.5
Transplant IO 1.5
Arterial Interventions: GI 1.5
Imaging in IR 1.5
Radioembolization II 1
Basic Science Vascular 1
Imaging: Dose Reduction 1
Tissue Ablation: Scientific 1
Cone Beam CT Applications 1
Education and Training 1.5
Oncology Special Session 1.5
Arterial Interventions: GU 1.5
Venous Intervention 1.5
AVMs 1
Venous Access 1
Biopsy 1